giovedì 20 ottobre 2016

Interface Arduino UNO clone with a 3" TFT touchscreen

It's time to test the 3" TFT touch Arduino shield.
Due the different dimension (bigger than 2.4" ) ,the reset button disappeared.
On the following video, we can see the touch features.

And here, the graphics features.
The video's quality isn't the best, but can give you an idea about .....

I've also tested a different library, well done, that could drive different TFT displays.

This library function well also with the 2.4" TFT ( previously tested ).
There could be only a thing to adjust, based the different versions that are present on the market.
Probaly the axis/coordinate of the touch must be adjusted. It could happen that you move the pen from right to left, but the drawing appears from left to right , or from the top to the bottom.

The library includes some examples very interesting.