domenica 11 gennaio 2015

A new adjustable endstop for Z axis

Just finished and tested a new adjustable endstop for Z axis
Now it is possible to adjust the endstop with only a screwdriver ( wrenches are not necessary ) 
Turn the M4 bolt to adjust the zero position.
All the parts have been designed with Design Spark mechanical, then adjusted with NetFabb ( to remove the incorrect mesh ) and then printed with Repetier / Slic3r.

Here the complete vision

a better image of the parts

board plate that attach the original Prusa Z endstop plastic

plastic part that sustain a M4 nut, developed with Design Spark mechanical

Here the same part, adjusted with Netfabb

giovedì 8 gennaio 2015

Prusa i3 rework ready

After about 2 months, using the free time on evening ( and night ) , I can say that my Prusa I3 rework is finished and I'm pretty satisfy of the final result.
I made some small changes from the original design,  in order to improve :
-  the Z axis zero regulation
-  to give some  light /illumination
-  add a blower for the PLA

Some pictures , to show the Z axis zero regulation :
this is the Z axis zero regulation

below the blower and the illumination .
I have used a series of LED smd, soldered below the fan :

Fan and LED light

Below, the LCD board with the SD card socket :

On the next days, I will post some other info.
See you