sabato 18 aprile 2015


I’m very pleased to introduce you  my last present, just arrived.
The “Buggy”, one of the last technological “toys” from MikroElektronika.
I said “toys”, but we can consider the Buggy a complete development system, useful to study a large number of microcontroller.

Mikroeektronika is very attentive to details. The package is very well done, robust and reliable. It is common for all the Mikroelektronika products.
Inside, all the parts are inserted in a foam base, that protect very well any single item
Kit includes :
–  base Buggy board, with 4 wheel+motors
– 3 Click board sockets
– 3 spare PCB parts, must be soldered, in order to give stability
– a 3.3V  LiIo battery
– USB cable
– Manual with schematic

I choose the kit that doesn’t include any Microcontroller board, since I already have a Clicker 2 x PIC32MX and a Mikromedia for PIC32MX.
All these products have been bought at  RS Components
On the picture below, you can see the Buggy base board from the bottom side.
Battery must be installed on the centre of the board, so the Buggy will be balanced very well.

Very impressive the geared motors.
The gear doesn’t include any part in plastic material, all are made by steel or iron. Basically, it not seem the classic “poor” low-cost plastic gearbox.

Prepare the robot is very easy , you just need an iron solder.
Anyway, the manual included describes very well, step by step, all the mounting operations.
On the next days, I will see to prepare a sample firmware example, to give life to my robot.

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