sabato 28 febbraio 2015

Practical use of 3D printer

Finally, a practical use of my 3D printer Prusa I3.
Was sunday morning, when a drama happened on my kitchen.
My girl was warming a cup of milk, suddendly, the microwawe stopped to function.
A gloomy silence filled the kitchen. the girl looked at me desperately and a scream broke the sound barrier.
" it is broke"
followed by a series of misfortunes similar to the invasion of locusts ( how can I warm my breakfast, my soup, the boiled potatoes ) .
STOP, I will fix the microwave - was my only statement.
While she was looking which electronic store were open on Sunday, I spent about half hour to open the microwave box, (I hate the torx screws, not having the correct screwdriver :-) )
Once I opened the patient, I have discovered that all was OK ( or , I supposed that ), but .....
the knob.....was only the knob used for time programming.... the center hole was stripped and did not more maintain the position.

IDEA - I can replicate a similar knob with my 3D printer.
Immediately on my computer, launch Design Spark mechanical and draw the my simple knob version.
Very easy and quick design

Then, save the G code file on my Prusa , used a 100 % infill to have a strong and reliable knob.
About 40 minutes and ....dadadadada.... an " economic" but functional knob was ready.

I will prepare a more complete version, just to avoid any claims from her

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